Yoga for Back Pain


The Many Uses of Yoga Include Using Yoga for Back Pain

In the United States, not only is yoga a long established method of relieving stress and staying fit, there are many adherents of yoga who believe in using yoga for back pain. Nonetheless, before you commence any type of treatment for your back pain, it is important that you see a doctor find out what might be causing your back pain. There could be a serious condition like an old fracture or other skeletal defects, damage to soft tissue or system problems such as an infection will need to be tested for.

One of the significant reasons that people use yoga for back pain is that it helps to reduce stress and can help relieve depression that many people with chronic back pain experience. Also, some of the poses used in yoga can lessen the amount of pain you are experiencing. According to a study at the West Virginia University, those people who used yoga for back pain not only overcame their pain better but also got past depression better than those who used only conventional treatments for back pain.

These results are no surprise to the many people who have long practiced yoga to get relief. In the study, ninety participants were taught Iyengar yoga by certified instructors in order to learn postures that emphasize strength, flexibility, and balance. The poses taught in this type of yoga encourage proper alignment that, combined with breathing techniques, provide relaxation of the muscles while also calming the mind.

Iyengar Yoga for Back Pain

The use of yoga for back pain is primarily focused on the Iyengar yoga that was taught in the West Virginia University study. Not only does it consist of precise alignment but it also incorporates props such as chairs, bolsters, and blankets to help those with less flexibility or who have sustained injuries do the poses accurately. By maintaining precise alignment, there is no concern that additional damage might occur.

The key to getting the relief you need is in finding a qualified Iyengar yoga teacher who has the proper training and knowledge to instruct on the increasing levels of the practice. An instructor should be certified in the particular Iyengar yoga techniques.

Even those people who have suffered from lower back pain for a number of years and who are on pain medication have been shown to get significant relief from pain intensity, improve their spinal range of motion, and have been able to reduce or stop taking pain medication after they have used Iyengar yoga for back pain treatment.

Yoga Provides Relief for Many People

Chronic lower back pain is an enormous problem for individuals in the United States alone. Every year, more than $30 billion is spent on treatments and medications for this condition. Choosing to use yoga for back pain may not only find you the relief you need but may be a less expensive alternative to convention medical treatments.

For most people, it is important to be able to function normally without having unnecessary pain that requires medication. Being handicapped with back pain and/or painkillers can significantly reduce your quality of life and prevent you from pursuing many of the activities you enjoy. Yoga for back pain may provide you with the relief you have been unable to obtain using conventional methods.

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