Where Is That Pain Coming From?

Pain is a warning that something more serious can and will happen in the future if the problem does not get resolved. Many pains are frequently mistaken as musculo-skeletal pain when they are not. The pain a person feels in their muscles, structures and joints is not where it is coming from. A shoulder pain, for example may be referred from the lungs, or pain can even be referred from other levels of existence beyond the physical.

Other levels may include combinations of emotional/mental or mental/emotional issues which impact the body. An emotional/mental combination indicates the emotions are negatively affecting how a person thinks. Mental/emotional means a person’s thinking has a negative effect on his or her emotions. For example, an elbow pain may be coming from a referred relationship between the mental and emotional levels, in which someone’s thoughts can stir up the emotions of pains of traumas, illnesses, limitations, phobias and fears in the elbow.
Pain from injury may seem clear cut and definite, but one or more external forces injure a person. All these forces impact the body. The latest traumatic experience gets the blame for the injury or pain. However, in reality, it is the memories of previous pain brought to the conscious mind level which intensify the pain. The more memories a person has of previous pain, the more he or she will feel from the latest traumatic episode.

Many patients seemingly have severely pinched nerves because of the structural abnormality of their spine as seen in an X-Ray. Yet, they do not have any pain. This causes much confusion in the medical community. It is not the pinching of the nerve that causes a pain. It is internal pain leading to spinal compensation that results in pinched nerves. The sites of the pinched nerve lead to low grade localized infection of the nerve root and create additional pain. Such pain is not that significant because when the internal pain is eliminated, the pain at the nerve root also disappears.

For most people, the only time that they will see a doctor is when they are in pain. Many will exhaust all other possibilities before they do. When people have so much pain that they cannot stand it, they will take pills-any pill, even the ones that put them to sleep so they can ‘sleep it off.’ They become hooked on pain-relieving drugs or the treatments themselves. You see them going to their therapy sessions many times per week for month after month. They are attempting to remake their lives but winding up victimized.
One might also say their solution to pain is to beat themselves up. This is no solution at all. An energetic approach to any kind of pain is much more effective, immediate and lasting, than medical approaches because it gets to the source of the pain. It would actually be better if you do not believe in it too strongly, however. Just be open for it to happen either way.

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