How To Stop Smoking The Truth

smokingThere are many stop smoking programs, but for millions of smokers, for reasons that they find mysterious, none of these work. But I’m going to tell you that none of this is really a mystery. Smoking cessation programs aren’t the answer. I know as a former smoker who has not had a cigarette in at least three years. I tried a slew of stop smoking programs, as well as nicotine gum, cigarette rationing, and switching to lighter and lighter smokes, but nothing worked for me. The reason was that stop smoking programs aren’t really the answer.

No, I’m not going to pitch some new product, or revolutionary new program to stop smoking. Come on, keep reading – I don’t have anything to sell you. The simple truth is the only way to stop smoking is to just stop. That’s it. I am afraid its as simple as that, there are no programs for stopping smoking,there are no payments for stopping (apart from the obvious savings you will make), there are no rules like not smoking alone, keeping it to one day a week or only on special occasions. None of this works.

Whatever stop smoking programs tell you, the thing that is hard about not smoking is the re-arranging of your social routine, not the actual nicotine cravings. It is nice to be able to grab a smoke with friends, nice to be able to take a moment to step outside and enjoy a tasty cancer stick. So, you have to be completely firm with yourself and not give an inch. The only successful stop smoking program is to tell yourself that, from now on, I will not smoke. No its not easy and it takes massive willpower as smoking is an addiction, but its got to be done for your health.

Don’t be too ambitious all at once. Many people suddenly get an impulse to change every aspect of their life at once, enrolling in stop smoking programs and trying to lose weight and suddenly joining a gym. One thing at a time. This is a bad idea, and will not help you quit smoking. The best way to well and truly stop smoking is to let yourself go a little in other ways. Its okay to put on a few pounds, its okay to have some junk food, or let your exercise routine go. If you have too many rules for yourself at once, you will lose all of them. And yes, for some people, stop smoking programs can work because they provide a support group. But remember, the only real crucial stop smoking program is your resolution to, once and for all, stop smoking.

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